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Neje engraving machine with 300 mW diode laser

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For Dual usb series: DK-8-KZ, DK-8 PRO-5, DK-6 PRO-5, JZ-5, JZ-5-T, DK-5PRO-5 Please read it carefully before use 2

Important safety information

  • Please do not touch the laser or a laser beam when the facility is working.
  • The laser does not have Radiation, but when it works the temperature is getting up to 400 centigrade. So please do not remove the laser to shoot your eyes.
  • The laser facility passed the CE, safety control and have no radiation.
  • The laser facility is powered by 5V USB charger, Do not use other power.
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  • The glasses in the pack list have to be used every time for your eyes safety.
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  • Please keep the laser facility away from flammable objects.
  • Suggested time of use is not more than one hour at once.
  • It is prohibited for children to use the laser facility without adult supervision.
  • Please pay attention to keep the surface of the facility clean.
  • Please place the facility in a flat desktop.
  • Power by security and polymer battery, no explosion risk of spontaneous combustion.
  • Facility no usage for a long time, can automatically lead to dormancy mode.
  • Official FAQ, Video, customer Software download link will be based on user feedback and will continuously provide to an upgrade.

    Open package

    Package listing: Laser facility x 1 Focusing Glasses x 1 Data/Power Cable(Mini usb to usb) x 1 Power Cable (usb to usb) x 1 L-TYPE WRENCH x 1 MicroSD card(driver / software etc.) x 1 Manual x 1


    Connection process

    Control by Computer

    Before you can use a computer and laser facility for engraving, you need to install a facility driver which allows the facility to communicate with the computer, furthermore you need to install an application software on your computer so that you can start your engraving. The same situation applies to the Laser Engraver, you need to install the USB-Serial driver which allows the Laser Engraver to talk to the computer, and you need to install the engraver software in order to control the Laser Engraver. NEJE DK-8-KZ,DK-8 PRO-5,DK-6 PRO-5,JZ-5,JZ-5-T,DK-5 Pro-5 engraver comes with a 1GB micro SD card, the files on the SD card are including the USB-Serial driver, engraver software and few JPG photos as shown in figure below. The software is compatible to Win XP, Win 7, Win 8 ,Win 10,system.

    Driver Setup

    As mentioned above, the MicroSD card contains the USB-Serial driver that you can install it on your computer.

    1. Do not connect the Laser Engraver to your computer.
    2. Copy all the folders & files from the MicroSD card to your computer.
    3. Browse to the folder until you see the Driver.exe executable file.
    4. Double-clicking the Driver.exe file, the driver setup menu should open up.
    5. Click on the INSTALL button to start the driver installation.
    6. Connect the Laser Engraver to your computer via Mini USB data cable (without connect the USB A-A power cable), your computer should detected the USB-Serial and the laser beam is emitted from the Laser Head.
    7. Open "Device Manager" from the Windows "System Properties", check to see whether the driver is installed correctly.

    Connecting the data and power cables to your computer or other power

    The 5V 1A power adapter is connected to the laser engraver via a USB A-A cable, and the data port on laser engraver is connected to the computer's USB port via a Mini USB cable.

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    Open the software (Laser_Carver)

    When the software is activated, it will activate the facility self-action,

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    Prepare images for engraving

    The MicroSD card contains sample images with resolution 512x512 pixels.

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    Adjusting focal length

    Before engraving, make sure the focus of the laser lens is adjusted and corresponding to the thickness of the material.

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    1. Wear the safety glasses

    2. Adjust focal length until the beam of light is the minimal point



    OS: win XP,win7,win8,win10
    DPI: 350dpi
    Laser Wavelength: 405nm
    Temperature: 400 degree celsius
    Support Software: Laser_Carver
    Image Format: Jpg\BMP\PNG
    Image Size: : 512x512 pixels
    Engrave Mode: Bitmap carving
    Input: Dual USB(5V 1A)
    Voltage: 4.2-5.5V
    Certificate: CE
    Carving area: 38 x 38mm
    Laser can replace: YES
    Every work time: < 1 hour
    Laser Warranty time: 3 month (Laser and control board)
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