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Learn. Improve. Develop. Create your own wheel robot Rash.

A Full Description of the Small Wheeled Robot Rash 1 for Educational Needs

Ground arduino based wheel robots

We present 3 types of wheel robots for education.

For beginners, intermediate and advanced students and hobbyists.

rash 1 rash 2 rash 3 rash 4 rash 5 rash 6 rash 7
rash2 1 rash2 2 rash2 3 rash2 4 rash2 5
Rash 3 1 Rash 3 2 Rash 3 3 Rash 3 4 Rash 3 5

What is cool about Rash robots?

An Arduino based ultimate KIT to create your own robot based on Endurance’s technologies and experience.

An educational robot KIT for K-12 schools, universities, STEM centers and fablabs.

Key features

  • Arduino based
  • A well-documented protocol
  • Scalable
  • A convenient app to control
  • Upgradeable
  • Well documented
  • Fully open – source
  • Friendly support and service

Learn with us to

  • Program the app – to control and operate the robot
  • Program the firmware – protocols for Arduino, Bluetooth, WiFi, sonars, camera, etc.
  • Design – open source platform solutions
  • Learn and expand your Python coding knowledge
  • Learn and expand your C/C++ Arduino skills
  • Learn and apply computer vision
  • Design your own autonomous rover missions
  • Learn and expand advanced Linux skills


Endurance robots provides the 72 hours curriculum material for educators and students. Learn everything about the wheel robotics base from Endurance.

Get an ultimate knowledge from the beginner step up to advanced level.

Rash 1 guidance Hopstarter-Book-Adobe-PDF-Reader-Book


Rash 1 is a great tool for beginners Science-Students Rash 2 is a powerful KIT for intermediate engineers. robotics-club-02 Rash 3 is an ultimate robot for advanced and professional students and hobbyists. fablab

Applications Uses

A robot — spy. Can cruise around on a preprogrammed or random path.

A robot — camera. You can connect to the robot the way you connect to a WiFi camera and drive around.

A robot — toy. You can just play with it.

A robot — manipulator. Requires an additional arm and can grab and drop things.

A robot — pathfinder. Requires a LIDAR and additional sensors to create maps.

What is in a KIT

Rash 1

Rash 2

Rash 3

{available upon request}
{available upon request}
{available upon request}

Further upgrades and improvements you may want to do

  • Improve the design and appearance.
  • Replace servos with stepper motors or add more
  • Add more sonars or IR sensors
  • Replace Arduino with Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison or Genuino 101
  • Install an Altera board Xilinx
  • Run Rash under ROS
  • Make it compatible with all iOS gadgets controlling console
  • Add augmented reality features to control the robot
  • Add lights and different accessories, e.g. an ext. speaker and microphone
  • Add a mobile device with a smart chatbot
  • Add a robotics arm to grab things
  • Add lights
  • Add a Kinect or RealSence camera for gesture detection
  • Add algorithms of autonomous driving
  • Create an app with the client server support

Rash 3 on FPGA

About us

Endurance is a technology start-up, specializing in the development of and bringing to the educational market, affordable, open – source robotics technologies.

Endurance provides teachers and students with the tools and resources to learn about robots and their applications in “hands on” environments.

The Rash platform is created by a passionate and driven team.

George I Fomitchev – a serial entrepreneur, futurist, maker, CEO and a Founder of Endurance.

Speaker on MoNage conference in Boston, MA 21 Sep, 2016.

Pitchfire finalist on RoboBusiness in San Jose, CA 28-29 Sep, 2016.

Speaker on Annual IEEE Connecticut Conference on Industrial Electronics, Technology & Automation (CT-IETA 2016) October 14 — 15, 2016

Alex Shast – 10 years experience in hardware engineering, works for a RosKosmos subsidiary.

Sergey Mironov – 5 years experience in an executive position in the AutoTracker customer support service.

Philipp Khokhlov – 3 years experience in industrial design in on of Russia’s TOP robotics companies.

Buy a Rash KIT now

Rash 1

Rash 2

Rash 3



rash 1 rash 2 rash 3 rash 4 rash 5 rash 6 rash 7

Robot Rash 1: 295$ World wide delivery, Always in stock

rash2 1 rash2 2 rash2 3 rash2 4 rash2 5

Robot Rash 2: 395$ World wide delivery, Always in stock

Rash 3 1 Rash 3 2 Rash 3 3 Rash 3 4 Rash 3 5

Robot Rash 3: 495$ World wide delivery, Always in stock