Laser cutter / engraver accessory for CNC devices (3D printers)

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Endurance announces a new laser cutter for a 3D printer.

With our diode laser we convert your 3D printer or CNC router into a
cutting or engraving machine.

We convert any 3D printer or CNC mill into a powerful and efficient engraving machine.

Endurance L-Cheapo is an attachment for CNC devices and 3D printers that simply and cheaply adds them the ability to cut and engrave many materials. These devices could have never done it before. You could engrave only with a CO2 laser machine or very expensive fiber lasers. Now a 445 nm diode laser is available with a 2.1 watt (2100mW) blue laser diode at its heart that can run continuously without additional cooling and has enough power to burn through acrylic, wood, plywood and leather.
So, you can:
Cut and engrave many materials but metal, ceramic and transparent.

Initial attachment and calibration of the L-Cheapo should not take more than 30-60 minutes, after which switching from printing to engraving/cutting is a tool-free one-minute task. There is no need for a separate power supply for the L-Cheapo either. The average 3D printer’s hot end uses significantly more power than this laser draws, so it can simply draw from the same supply.

The Endurance laser cutter is the best upgrade for a 3D printer.
Our laser cutter is a compatible and tested accessory for most 3D printer models.
Our solution is flexible and easily installed. We have many tutorials and additional video guides on how to install our laser and run your 3D printer or CNC mill with it.

A lot of happy customers enjoy our solution and send us very positive commentaries with their pictures.
Endurance has invented a really magic thing for a 3D printer. A laser cutter/engraver that can be easily installed on a 3D printer to use it the way you have never done before.
As with any high power laser, it is not safe to look at the bright blue spot without appropriate goggles. Remember, “Do not look into the laser with the remaining eye”.
As this tool can also engrave, it is equally useful for artists interested in adding to their capabilities and for amateurs who just want to add a logo or a cute little touch to their next prototype or that laptop they love. Capability of working with leather opens up the possibility for translating all those complex intricate designs they have in mind to physical reality. The laser can also be used to ablate material, creating arbitrary 3D relief, though, it should be mentioned the high temperature will blacken most materials.

The L-Cheapo can cut plywood or acrylic up to 3/16″ (5mm) thick. This requires multiple passes. The effective “dot size” is about 10 mils (0.25mm) at 1/8″ depth and more at 3/16″.
Watch more videos about laser engraving and cutting with the 2.1W (2100 mW) diode laser Endurance L-Cheapo.
Laser manufacturer is Robots EveryWhere

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We inform that now Endurance L-cheapo 2.1 watt diode lasers have a PWM controller. The c ontroller allows you to change the power output while engraving. The c ontroller is a 3rd wire to connect to your 3D printer or CNC router.
It is very easy to setup:

  1. Connect the white wire to the PWM output of your control board.
  2. Set the PWM frequency to max 10Khz.
  3. Use normally according to the control board manual.
  4. Remember that below 15% the laser will not turn on at all.

Convert your 3D printer and CNC router into an engraving machine. Enjoy laser engraving with our powerful and efficient laser.

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