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JCZ control board for laser marker

Kit contents /standard/

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The JCZ control board allows real-time control of the scanning and laser control system via a standard USB interface. During operation, it can load a marking file using a removable MMC memory card.
Product Features
– Standard USB interface
– Built-in memory for programs and data buffering
– Calculation of laser and scanner control signals in real time
– Frequency setting with fast response time and cycle time 10ms
– Support for MMC memory card
– Support for rotary encoder, movement direction, pulse signals used to control stepper motor.
– Availability of digital inputs and outputs used for other controlled devices that can be controlled by OS or connect to the relay.

Laser control 
 Laser signals for YAG FIBER and CO2 laser types
 opt coupler TTL Level / 10 mA output current  2 x 8-bit analog channels with 2.5, 5, 10 V output range   1 x 8-bit TTL output port Scanner control    X, Y channel  digital interface XY2-100 Response Time   Map can respond to external tr trigger with 12ms  External trigger delay can be changed I/O Port    6 In port 6 Out port Power    + 5V / 1.5A or + 12 / 0.6A


Kit contents /standard/

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