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TST-PLF6040 flatbed scanning plotter.


Set contents /standard/ Power supply with mains cable 1 set USB cable 1 pc. 60° knife (blue) 1 pc. 45° knife (red) 2 pcs. Knife holder 1 pc. Pencil pen for drawing 1 pc. Rods for drawing pen 2 pcs. Underlay/mat for cutting 1 pc. Software: SignCut (with OS support) with annual free license 1 pack

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The flatbed scanning plotter specializes in materials that cannot or cannot be bent. It has similar characteristics of professional plotters of the PLD series: greater cutting force, double head, capable of performing two operations simultaneously: for example, cutting and running.
This compact device allows:
– cutting and embossing  materials such as paper, self-adhesive paper, thermal transfer paper, vinyl, cardboard, foam board;
– engrave with a special tool (optional) materials such as metal, glass, ceramic tiles, plastic, plexiglass;
– draw, scan and reproduce drawings on the material and to file, which endlessly expands the applicability, the ability to implement a huge variety of tasks in production, design, decoration, etc.
Structural differences of the flatbed plotter consist in the presence of a horizontal table equipped with a vacuum pump for clamping the processed material. The double cutting head with the scanning device is mounted on the portal and moves in two directions.
Supports automatic contour cutting, camera positioning. Automatic alignment, finishing with the help of the camera. Highly accurate recognition of any mark on various materials, including colored, reflective, transparent, etc. The control mark can be anything – printed, cut, engraved, embossed, drawn, etc. If a blade is used, it can cut a line and use that line with a leveling/finishing chamber. In this case, the accuracy will be higher compared to the printed/drawn line, since the calibration along the line cut by the blade is more accurate.
The use of Cortex-M4 processor with high-speed 32-bit architecture in the design of the ARM plotter makes it possible to remotely update the firmware. Together with the update, the user receives new functions for working on the plotter. Built-in memory buffer with a capacity of 128 megabytes allows for flexible use of resources:. Recut function (repeat the last job without downloading it from a computer or USB disk), it is possible to use this function even after turning off the plotter, the job is stored in memory, which is sufficient even for a very large file. Unlike competitors, the plotter continues to work even when the USB drive is removed after the start of cutting.
The autonomy of work and convenience in work is increased by the installed large high-resolution touch screen, which has a high level of brightness and sensitivity to pressing. All settings imitate the smartphone program. The interface of the control program is concise, simple, modern and easy to use.
The plotter has a very friendly interface, supports several menu languages, including Russian, It has a variety of connection options: USB cable, USB disk, and WiFi wireless connection (optional) – this is a standard USB connection module that does not require you to download and install separate USB drivers. It has simple settings on the touch screen that mimic the WiFi settings on a normal smartphone. The flash memory /USB disk/ is used to store multiple (as long as its capacity) images in a row without the need to connect to a personal computer, thus working completely independently. The contour cut file is loaded from the USB disk to the plotter at high speed. Plotter control with Android smartphone app
The plotter has a simple attractive design, aluminum alloy stands and table Powered by a micro-stepping silent motor Installed LED bar to illuminate the cutting area. Driver  tuned for improved motor control, the drives from which give a smooth, fast and high-precision cut. The pressure of the material installed on the table is activated automatically at the start of work. The main loadable working elements, such as portal, axles and gears, providing structural rigidity with powerful cutting force, are made for long warranty work.
Additional options for the plotter: Engraving with a solid state / diamond needle as an option) – expands the possibilities of the plotter in the choice of processed materials. Now you can easily engrave inscriptions on glass, ceramics, metal. The double-sided needle has a sharp and blunt part. Using a blunt needle, paper products can be easily run.
When purchasing a plotter, the user receives a free SignCut license for use during the first year of operation of the plotter. When using the SignCut software, the user can add contour cut lines for images in popular bitmap or JPEG formats. SignCut is recommended for professional use. For home use, the SignMaster program is recommended (license sold separately), which also has a Pro version for more advanced users. It is also possible to purchase a license for the Flexi SKY software (OEM version of the Flexisign software, A free plug-in is offered for CorelDRAW users.

Retained material size, maximum, mm645 x 450
Working field size, mm 640 x 400 Hold materialvacuum Number of cutting heads, pcs 2 Motor stepper Noise level, dB 65 Memory, MB 128 Force /pressure on the knife/, maximum, gr 2000 Precision, mm +/- 0.01 Repeatability, mm 0.082 Travel speed /max/, mm/s 700 Cutting speed /maximum/, mm/s 600 Data interface USB flash memory /WIFI (optional*) /USB wire Power, W < 100 Nutrition 220/50 Packed dimensions, mm 1000*1300*350 Weight, kg 100 Temperature conditions, C +5 °C – +35°C Positioning with camera CorelDraw support yes Working with a laser attachment none Engraving and running with solid/diamond needle yes Floor stand for plotter yes


Set contents /standard/ Power supply with mains cable 1 set USB cable 1 pc. 60° knife (blue) 1 pc. 45° knife (red) 2 pcs. Knife holder 1 pc. Pencil pen for drawing 1 pc. Rods for drawing pen 2 pcs. Underlay/mat for cutting 1 pc. Software: SignCut (with OS support) with annual free license 1 pack

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