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TST-W500 CNC Laser Welding Machine


• Protective goggles
• Pump lamp
• Protective lens

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Laser welding machine TST-W500 CNC, with special equipment for welding door handles.
CNC laser welding machine with special equipment is designed both for fillet welding of pipes for forming handles and for conventional welding of any products without the use of special equipment. The power of the laser allows you to weld the seam to a depth of 1mm. The result is a clean, strong joint, with no burnt edges.

Laser sourceNd+3:YAG crystal
Laser wavelength1064 nm
Output power≤500 W
Working area300×200 mm
Weld depth1.0 mm
Laser pulse width0.1~ 20ms
Repetition rate1~200Hz
Laser beam spot diameter0.2-2.0 mm
Maximum pulse power500 J
Electro-optical conversion rate≤4%
Time of continuous operation>24 hours
Maximum power consumption18 kW
Power supply~380 V / 50 Hz
Machine size1600 mm x 800 mm x 1500 mm


• Protective goggles
• Pump lamp
• Protective lens

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