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TST-WM400M Laser Cladding and Welding Machine


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The machine is designed for repair, restoration and hardening of various metal products, such as molds, housings, moving parts of machinery and equipment, etc. The technology allows you to restore and weld destroyed parts of surfaces.
The main advantage of the machine is the ability to work with very large molds.  The motorized movable head and unlimited machined size allow to repair molds of almost any size.
The TST-WM400M machine has a number of advantages – the laser emitter is made according to British technology using original English materials, which allows you to get high beam quality, constant power and as a result excellent welding quality. The intelligent laser control system is convenient to operate and prevents operator error and overheating. The platform can move in three axes. All axes are motorized. The kit also includes a swivel axle. Axis control is manual.
The machine is equipped with a microscope or a camera for easy aiming and monitoring of operations.

  • Ceramic resonator chamber from Britain, anti-corrosion, life service 8-10 years. Over 2 million xenon lamps
  • Laser eye protection
  • Height-adjustable and 360-degree rotatable head for easy handling of any product
  • Easy and convenient built-in laser control
  • The table moves in three axes with an electric drive, for perfectly even seams
  • Adjustable spot diameter

Applied materials: Steel for molds and any other metals, alloys and their combinations.

Laser source

Nd+3: YAG crystal

Laser wavelength

1064 nm

Output Power


Head movement working area
Drive system
Positioning accuracy

200x200x700mm (other sizes on request) Stepper motor
0.05 mm

Weld depth

Up to 2.0 mm (depending on material)

Laser pulse width


Repetition rate

1~40 Hz

Laser beam spot diameter

0.6-2.0 mm

Maximum pulse power

120 J

Positioning system

Red beam, microscope/camera

Continuous operation time

>24 hours

Stand size

800mm x 800mm x1600mm

Laser size generator

700 mm x 550 mm x 950 mm*

Cooling system size

560 mm x 800 mm x 400 mm

Worktable size
Axis movement X/Y
Z-axis movement

540 mm x 440 mm x 650 mm
250/150 mm
300 mm

Maximum loading weight per table

 50 kg

Total weight

 ~300 kg

Power supply

380V 3 phase 50Hz 40A

Power consumption



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