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Endurance RobotsMy name is George Fomichev. I am a founder of Endurance Robots. We create practical technologies in the field of robotics for business and personal applications.

Our key products are lasers for makers, enthusiasts and 3D printing community. Learn more on Endurance lasers. We deliver various power oputput laser. The minimum we make is 2.1W (2100 mW) and the maximum power output is 10 watt (10000 mW) 445 nm diode (solid-state) laser. Also we make and deliver wholy assembled and ready to got engraving systems such as: Endurance WanHao DuPlicator combo, Endurance MakeBlock laser engraving / cutting machine and Endurance DIY machine with different working areas (20 x 20 cm min and 65 x 50 cm max size)

Another business direction is to build and provide customer based robotics systems sucha as telepresence systems, robot-waiters, truckbots.

Endurance is making commercial chatbots for business. Since 2017 we have build more than 20 commercial and effective chatbots. Amoung our customers are: BAT, Henkel, PWC and many other big companies. We have global and consistent view on chatbots, messengers and future of AI. Our goal is to bring an ultimate technologies on the market and advance a future with cutting endge technologies.

Kind regards,

George Fomitchev, Endurance founder.


Welcome to the world of Endurance!

Endurance is a American technological startup, specializing in development and bringing on the market of technological products, mainly, robots, lasers and chatbots.

Endurance presents:

Laser add-ons with real power output of 2.1 Watt, 3.5 Watt, 5.6 Watt and 8 Watt, 8.5 Watt and “Invinsible” 10 watt for 3D printers and CNC mills, which turn any 3D printer or CNC mill/router into a laser cutter/engraver. A perfect solution for enthusiastic people, do-it-yourselfers and for companies dealing with 3D printing or producing promotional items and souvenirs. The lasers are easy in use and service. Unlike Chinese analogues, they are powerful, fail-safe, and affordable.

Diode laser engravering / etching / cutting machines (2100 mW, 3500 mW, 5600 mW, 8000 mW, 8500 mW, 10000 mW). An ideal solution for home and business to easily make beautiful engravings for your people and colleagues. This is a unique solution in the market for do-it-yourself cutting and engraving. “3 in 1”: 3D printer, laser cutter, and a laser engraver. Our product enables not just to easily and quickly create small plastic models but also to engrave, make personal inscriptions, do markings. The Endurance engraver will turn the user’s working place into a mini engraving workshop.

A telepresence system (telepresence robot) is a new way of communication, opening one more dimension of communication. A new dimension of reality during video calls. The telepresence system is an Android tablet on wheels, which you can take along and communicate on a new level. Telepresence is not just a way to see and hear your interlocutor but also to move and walk while talking, and the robot will follow you. The product is indispensable for small and medium businesses and for those who spend much time at conferences, meetings, negotiations. This product will save your time! A useful solution for business, which makes it possible to follow the interlocutor if he/she moves around.

A robot-waiter. Future of the restaurant and hotel business. Substitution of waiters in food service and lodging industry.

Endurance laser modules


Laser CNC cutters and engraver


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