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For investors

This is a teaser for potential investors who are interested in hardware technological investments.

The project advantages:

  • The final product has been selling on the market since 2015.
  • The startup generates a positive cash flow (profitable since 2017).
  • It has a highly professional team.
  • International sales.
  • CEO and founder is a world-famous speaker on robots, technologies and lasers.


Endurance lasers is a part of Endurance robots business.
Endurance has started an Endurance lasers business back in 2015.
More than 2000 lasers were sold worldwide, primarily in the US.

Customer segment

Most of Endurance customers are 3D printer hobbyists and CNC makers.
Endurance lasers are bought because we offer the best customer service as well as full guidance and tutorials for our customers.


We build and sell 2.1 watt / 3.5 watt / 5.6 watt / 8 watt / 8.5 watt / 10 watt / 10 watt+ / 2×10=20 watt / Endurance Coherent FAP800 laser modules.
These laser modules can be attached to any 3D printer or CNC machine enabling desktop laser cutting and laser engraving.
Endurance creates and delivers customer-based solutions as well.

Marketing opportunities

  • Technologically advanced product.
  • Strong support and help desk.
  • Advanced Youtube channel increasing sales..
  • High-quality web site with positive reviews.


  • USA – 55%
  • Canada – 15%
  • Europe – 15%
  • Australia, South Africa – 10%
  • Other countries – 5%


Endurance has stable and growing sales. Every day we ship 1-2 units worldwide.
Detailed sales report can be provided upon request.


There are 10 people working full & part-time at the project.
We have skilled and experienced engineers.

Current investments

More than 150K USD were invested in Endurance during 2015-2016 by private investors and founder (George I Fomitchev)


Endurance is looking for an investment of 1.5M USD.
We plan to make a production line and decrease sales prices and open 3 offices and stores in the US, Europe and Australia.
Develop new products for the existing market (customers).
Explore new market opportunities such as medical treatment, health and beauty, industrial laser cutting and laser engraving.
An additional R&D needed to be done such as Infrared laser modules, fiber laser optics.


Endurance protects all rights and technology based on a “know-how” basis. It allows keeping our technology and knowledge secret preventing unauthorized copying. When the sales reach 300-500 units per month we plan to certify our products and apply for a few international patents.

Long-term goal

Create a product or a few product or a few products, powerful enough with wavelength ranges of
0.01-10 uM (an X-ray laser)
100-400 uM (an ultraviolet laser)
400-800 uM (a visible laser)
800-1080 uM (a short infrared laser)
10000 uM (far infrared laser)

Potential market by 2022

1M lasers annually existing maker 3D printers + CNC machinery.
+ unexplored new markets such as medicine, health and beauty, spectrography, active chemistry

Investor’s exit

Series A

Are you interested and want to learn more?

Phone: +7.916.225.4302 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram line, kik, WeChat)
Email: [email protected]
skype: George.fomitchev

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