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A powerful 5 watt (5000 mw) blue 445 nm laser pointer.


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Endurance offers a class 4 powerful blue multimode 5 watt (5000 mw) 445 nm laser pointer

DO not aim at anyone with this laser pointer.


The Endurance lasers pointer can be used:

  • Science and research (fluorescence).
  • Tourism, like hiking.
  • As a substitute for matches for lighting a fire.
  • As a beacon in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • As an instrument for protection against wild animals (never aim at animal eyes)
  • For optical experiments like refraction, reflection, etc.


Endurance lasers pointer has a:

  • switch button to turn on the laser pointer,
  • special protective fuse,
  • power regulation potentiometer,
  • blinking mode,
  • adjustable focusing system.


Keep in mind that the Endurance laser pointer is not a toy and you take all responsibility while using it.

Endurance laser pointer is a class 4 laser and might not be legal to use in some countries.




Our laser pointer uses two Li-ion batteries, type 18650. They should be sold in stores related to electronics.

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