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An Endurance DIY marking machine with 4 / 10 / 30 / 50 watt DPSS / Fiber (Raycus) laser modules with a Sino Galvo head.


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Endurance lasers present a new DIY laser marking frame with Sino galvo galvoscanner for efficient and ultra-fast metal marking/engraving with different laser emitters.


0.5-0.75 mm aluminum laser cutting with 50 watt Raycus emitter

0.75 mm aluminum laser cutting

Option 1
Laser speed 800 mm / sec
100% power
35 repeats

Option 2 (6 loops)
Speed 5 mm /sec
100% power

+cleaning parameters +

Speed 5000 mm /sec
Power 35%

PLA plastics laser engraving




  • Works with free EzCad FREE software.
  • Ultra – fast engraving (up to 1000 mm / sec).
  • Portable.
  • Fully 3D printed.
  • Light.


Impressive laser engraving/marking results with an Endurance DIY galvoscanner machine


Color laser engraving “tint colors” (YETI) on titanium!


Ray Johnson says on Facebook:Converted my 10 Watt DPSS laser to a Galvo laser. It was a great project and I learned a lot. Thanks to George and ILYA for all the help and guidance through the setup. I can’t say enough about their customer service. I will post more information and pictures soon. Below is a picture of some brass lasered after going through the calibration process.


An industrial laser marking tool – fully 3D printed laser engraving / marking machine. 

An aluminum laser marking

2D laser engraving (marking) inside 6 mm transparent acrylic with a galvoscanner


An original acrylic badge.


“Yes You Can” acrylic/plexiglass sign.



Mirror engraving (marking) with an Endurance DIY galvo laser marking system.


 A thin metal cutting (0.5 mm – brass, aluminum) with an Endurance galvo system (SINO galvo head)

Photoengraving inside a transparent acrylic – engrave inside the material.


Photoengraving on PLA plastic using 4 watt DPSSL!


Amazing photo on plastics (PLA).


Painted glass laser engraving – foto.


Photoengraving inside thick 25 mm (1″) transparent acrylic



We offer 4 types of DIY galvo engraving/marking machines with different laser emitters (4-50 real watt power output):1. 4 watt DPSSL 1064 nm. 2. 10 watt DPSSL 1064 nm. 3. 30 watt Raycus 1064 nm. 4. 50 watt Raycus 1064 nm. Components – get all you need to get started.

1. Laser emitter with the laser driver (Endurance or Raycus laser emitters)

2. Galvo scanner (Sino galvo head)

3. Holder for the galvo scanner (3d Printed_

4. Controller for the galvo (BJJCZ LMCV4-FIBER-M)

5. AC/DC for the laser (110-220V)

6. AC/DC for the galvo  (110-22v)

7. Focusing lens for the galvo (theta lens) 



Mirror engraving using a galvoscanner.


A perfect laser marking /engraving machine for your business. More affordable than anything on the market.

Mark your tags for your production.


Titanium color engraving (done on a DIY galvonometer)


Stainless steel color engraving “YETI” colors.






Black engraving on stainless steel – an advanced marking instrument.  


Leather engraving + leather cutting


1 mm aluminum metal cutting with Raycus 30 watt laser emmiter



Metal cutting with 30 watt Raycus laser emitter 

Cutting of 0.5 mm stainless steel with 30 watt fiber laser

0.5 mm aluminum laser cut

0.5 mm brass laser cut (in-depth marking)


0.5 mm copper laser cut (small heart shape)




Laser stone (rock, granite) engraving


4 watt DPSS tech specs

Items of specsTesting
Rep. rate19.01kHz
Pulse duration7.2ns
Average power4.27W
Ave power stability

(over 4 hours)

Transverse modeMultimode
Beam diameter~6mm
Beam divergence, full angle<1.5mrad
Beam height from base16.5mm
Dimensions of Laser Head297×45×53.8mm3
Weight of Laser Head0.86kg
Power Supply12V/25A DC
Integrated DriverPSU-FL-OEM

10 watt DPSS tech specs 

20-50 watt fiber Raycus tech specs

Optical IsolatorYesYesYes
Nominal Average Output Power (W)≥20≥30≥50
Single Pulse Energy (mJ)[email protected][email protected][email protected]
Beam Quality(M2)<1.5<1.5<1.6
Beam Diameter(mm)7±17±16~8
Pulse Duration(ns)<[email protected]<[email protected]<[email protected]
Pulse Repetition Rate(kHz)20-6030-6050-100
Output Power Tunability(%)10-10010-10010-100
Output Fiber Cable Length(m)2.0 2.0 2.0 
Working Voltage(VDC)24±124±124±1
Power Consumption(20℃)(W)[email protected][email protected][email protected]
CoolingForced Air CooledForced Air CooledForced Air Cooled
Dimension W×D×H(mm)215×286×95215×286×95260×391×120
Operating Temperature(℃)0℃~40℃0℃~40℃0℃~40℃
Store Temperature(℃)-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃-20℃~60℃


A DIY PCB. Make your own circuits with an Endurance DIY galvo engraving system.



You get all you need to start your laser marking/engraving process right away!


What’s inside the set:

Sino galvo
Galvanometer connection wires
Control Board for Sino Galvo
Power supplies for galvanometer and control board
Enclosure for power supplies and control board
Telescope (DPSS only)
Fastening the DPSS to the galvanometer
Connector for connecting DPSS to the board
Galvanometer lens
Galvanometer worktop
Tabletop legs
DPSS stand
Pilot laser (red laser to define the engraving area)


How to define what parameters do you need for cutting or engraving?

When engraving, there are several main parameters that affect the quality:

– Power
– Speed
– Fill density
– Pulse frequency
– Number of passes

These parameters are specific to each laser and material. In cases where you mainly work with one machine and with one material, there is nothing difficult in the selection of parameters. You need to determine the optimal parameters once, and then use them always.


If you often have to deal with new materials, then determining the parameters will take you a lot of time. Similar tables can be used to automate this process.
Using our table, you can test 100 engraving parameters at once, with a fill density of 0.02 mm.

The X-axis changes the power from 10% to 100% (10% step)
The Y-axis changes the speed from 600 mm / s to 3300 mm / s (step 300 mm / s)

Download the EZD file >>>


After finishing the work of the machine, you will receive ready-made examples for 100 modes, from which you can easily choose the one that suits your particular case.


Some laser engraving / cutting parameters
4 watt DPSSL module


Speed mm / sec

Power, %


Black PLA plastics





10 watt DPSSL module


Speed mm / sec

Power, %


Black  PLA plastics








Engraving inside 4mm transparent acrylic







Black paint removal from the glass




Jewelry (silver, gold, palladium)





30 watt Raycus laser emitter


Speed mm / sec

Power, %



2D acrylic laser engraving inside (25 mm)






Pure aluminum







Endurance customer’s installation (upgraded with a camera)


 Laser paint removal with 4 watt DPSSL

Ultimate quality from Endurance laser and Raycus emitters. DHL express delivery. No extra fees or costs. Always in stock!

Additional information

Weight010000.0 kg


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