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An Endurance FAP 800 Coherent laser control box


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Endurance offers a laser box for running FAP800 Coherent laser diode module


Getting started with a laser control box


Inside the laser box

  • An AC/DC 2V 30A power supply (PSU).
  • A driver controlling the laser with PWM signal (3.3-12V).
  • our own TEC controller system that allows keeping the temperature around 15C.
  • A dynamic PWM module that allows changing laser power with a potentiometer.
  • Voltmeter + ammeter that allows checking the laser power.

Technical specs of an Endurance FAP 800 laser module

Laser type: FAP Coherent

Power: 15-50 W

Consumption: 1.83V, 30А

Laser operating temperature: -20 – 30°C

Cooling controller: 2 TEC-12706

Laser control: PWM 3.3-12V or control signal 3.5-24V with manual power control

Wire length from the control box to the laser head: 1.1 m (~3.6′)

Input voltage: 220-240V (AC)

Control box size: 260x220x96 mm





Wiring and schematic

On the control and indication elements on the cover from the FAP and how to call it all:
1 – General food. I guess “Power (ON / OFF)”
2 – Laser power supply and Peltier. I think something like “Laser & TEC Power (ON / OFF)”
3 – Volts/amperes on the laser. I guess “Laser Input”
4 – Volts/amperes per Peltier. I guess “TEC Input”
5 – Thermal relay
Current temperature. I guess “Current Temperature”
Set temperature. I guess “Set Temperature”
6 – Working with PWM
Mode “0” – work from PWM directly from the machine
Mode “1” – work from PWM through the regulator.

7 – Regulator block. I don’t know if it is necessary to separate it and somehow sign it separately.
8 – Regulator modes.
Mode “0” – The regulator is off. Here it is clear “OFF”.
Mode “1” – The laser is always on. The power is set by the regulator.
Mode “2” – Through the PWM wires from the machine, on which there is no PWM, a voltage of 3.5-24V is supplied, through which the laser is turned on. The power is set by the regulator.
9 – The handle of the regulator. I don’t know if I need to sign it.
10 – Power indicator.
11 – LED that turns on when voltage is supplied from the machine through the PWM wires. Works only in mode “2”


Additional information

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