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T-60 power supply

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The T-60 laser power supply is used for 60W CO2 laser gas discharge tubes
Standard laser tube ignition unit. Suitable for all types of 60 W tubes.
The connection scheme is typical for most machines, when changing the block it does not cause any difficulties.
TH – input, turn on control, high level (>=3V)
TL – input, turn on control, low level (<=0.3V)
WP – input, water protection, low level (<=0.3V)
G is ground. Common wire
IN – input, power control, 0-5V
5V – output, +5V, to external circuits of the control board or to manual adjustment.
Power supply main features:
1. Good compatibility: Common 50W, 60W laser tubes from different manufacturers can be used.
2. High voltage power supply: input voltage 220V or 110V AC, maximum continuous output current 25KV.
3. Fast reaction speed and effect: high productivity, large cutting power. The use prolongs the service life of the laser tube.
4. This power supply has a “TEST” button, which can manually test the laser output.
1. Easy control: laser start and stop can be easily controlled by TTL level. 0-5V analog signal and PWM signal can control laser power.
2. The power supply of the laser has protection against open circuit at the output. Under the condition of good protective grounding, the power supply can operate in open circuit for a short time, which can prevent damage to the laser power supply due to laser tube breakage, thereby extending the service life of the power supply.
3. This power supply has TTL signal indication, water passage indication and laser output indication.
All products pass ISO9001 and CE quality certification
Aging test is carried out at the factory. Each power supply undergoes pre-sales aging testing at 65°C under full load conditions for 10 hours and cycled on/off 300 times within 7 seconds



Rated power of the laser tube, W60 /50W laser tubes can also be used/
Input voltage220/110V
AC supply frequency47-440 Hz
Maximum input current1.5 A
Maximum input power350 W
Leakage current≤0.7mA (AC220V) ≤0.4mA (AC110V)
Maximum output voltageDC 35 kV
Maximum output current
DC 22 mA Efficiency90% Responsiveness/performanceless than 1ms Protectionmomentary disconnection (when there is a good ground) Voltage withstand

in-out, in-case: AC1500V 1min ≤10mA
(cathode output connected to case)

Coolingforced, air (built-in fan) Operating temperature, deg-10℃~ +40 ℃ Relative humidityup to 90% (non-condensing) Time Between Failures (MTBF)at least 10000 hours

Dimensions L/W/H

205 / 178 / 96 mm


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