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The robotized Ambu breathing system. Portable lungs ventilator


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The robotized Ambu breathing system presentation.

The Endurance lasers company presents the robotized  Ambu system for lung ventilation.


This device is intended for people with shortness of breath in a critical health condition. It will bring oxygen to the body and remove carbon dioxide, providing the lungs ventilation hands-free.


The device consists of the Ambu breathing mask made of PVC (Silicone) and the robotized pumping system.



Doctor’s or nurse’s hands are free now. 

No need to hold the Ambu mask in hands. No need to pump it.

The breathing Ambu bag is replaceable. A PVC mask can be used only 1 time, however, a silicone one can be used up to 12 times (after autoclaving).

Key features:
Powered by 12VDC/ 110V / 220V and a battery. Highly reliable. It can operate 24×7.Guaranteed lifetime 5000 hours. Adjustable depth of pumping.Variable compression and decompression speed.


Extra upgrades are available upon request. 

  • An air cleaner with coal filters.
  • An air warmer.
  • UV lamps for disinfection.
  • A humidifier.
  • An LCD display to select the intensity (frequency) and depth of pumping.

Who needs it?

  • Ambulances and paramedics.
  • Hospitals.
  • That tool could be used and kept in every home and can be used at any time if necessary.

Technical specs

  • Frame – aluminum profiles with steel guides
  • Total weight – 3 Kg (6 pounds)
  • Speed of pumping: 0.2-1 pump per second (adjustable)
  • The volume of pumping: 0.1-4 Litres per second (adjustable)
  • Extra oxygen gas (optional)

Additional information

Weight02721.55422 kg


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