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TST-1530-DW2000 Metal Laser Cutting Machine


• Machine bed with portal
• Laser source
• Laser head
• Head height tracking system
• Chiller
• Industrial computer
• Set of cables
• Set of accessories

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The TST-DW metal laser cutting machine is a new generation of economical laser cutting machines with a fiber optic laser emitter and an electronic control system (CNC). The machine is equipped with a new lightweight portal made of manganese alloys, light and durable. Minimum deformation during long-term operation. The speed of work is increased due to the increased accelerations at start / deceleration and at corners. The machine allows you to quickly and efficiently process metal sheets, well suited for processing standard sheets 1500×3000 and 1250x2500mm. As a result of cutting, a clean edge is obtained that does not require further processing, heating of products is minimal and occurs in a limited area, the cutting width is very small, which allows cutting complex contours and saving material.

Main features: 
Highly efficient low loss optical path, fast cutting speed, narrow cut, clean surface after cutting, no need for further processing.
High adaptability, able to cut uneven surfaces due to auto focus.
Good cut quality, no thermal deformation due to the small heating zone.
High cutting precision, allows you to produce precision products without further processing.

Advantages of fiber laser:
RAYCUS laser source, the most reliable brand in China .
High efficiency.
High stability and quality of radiation.
Long service life of the pump source – up to 50000 hours.

Widely used in various industries – aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, instrument making, metal cutting, advertising, etc.
The TST-1530-DW1500 metal laser cutting machine is equipped with imported components, guaranteeing high cutting accuracy.
Weihong professional software

Laser Power


Laser source

Raycus fiber optic emitter (China)



Cultivated area (X,Y,Z), mm


Maximum cutting speed


Positioning accuracy (X,Y, Z)


Repeat accuracy


Maximum cutting thickness

Carbon steel: 16mm
Stainless steel: 6mm
Aluminum: 4mm

Laser head

Raytools/Weihong (China) equipped with material surface tracking autofocus system

CNCCypcut FSCUT1000/NC edit or (Weihong)


Yaskawa servo motors (Japan) X axis – 750W, Y axis – pair 750W each, Z axis – 400W


YYC rails (Taiwan), reducer Shimpo (Japan)


HIWIN (Taiwan)



Power consumption

≤12 kW

Machine dimensions, mm4080х2000х2120

Chiller size, mm (packed)


Machine weight (table + chiller + CNC), kg



• Machine bed with portal
• Laser source
• Laser head
• Head height tracking system
• Chiller
• Industrial computer
• Set of cables
• Set of accessories

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