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10 watt (10000 mw) professional laser cutter / engraver for all CNC machines – advanced cooling system, air nozzle, air compressor.


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Endurance Lasers LLC present the most powerful single beam diode laser 445 nm module for laser cutting and laser engraving with an advanced laser control box.Key features of 10 watt PLUS PRO version

  • Double TEC cooling systems keep the laser diode cold all the time.
  • Advanced electronics with Mo2 PCB (PWM / Analog inputs).
  • Compatible with ALL CNC frames / XY plotters and most 3D printers.
  • Equipped with an air nozzle and an air compressor for effective laser cutting.

Laser cutting abilities of a 10 watt PLUS PRO laser with G2 lens and air compressor in use.Max power. High reliability. The best fit for professionals – a great video review. 
An updated version (since November 2021) with Z80 laser diode. More power. More abilities!



Enjoy your 10 watt PLUS PRO laser!


Wood / plywood laser engraving


The design of an Endurance 10 watt PLUS PRO 445 nm blue professional laser module


The best solution for laser cutting!
Engraves on almost all surfaces. Cuts 4-5 mm (1/6”) of wood/plywood. 5-10 (1/3”) mm of dark acrylic. Fast and clean cutting of leather, felt, fabric, sailcloth.

10 watt PLUS PRO has a double TEC (Peltier) cooling that allows keeping the diode is really cold avoiding any risk of being overheated in a hot and humid place while continuously operating.


Works in CW and impulse* mode.NICHIA NUBM47 laser diode 445 nm inside. 

Endurance lasers’ professional design

We believe that Endurance lasers should be ahead of our customers’ expectations. We are building a new market for laser engravers and laser cutter enthusiasts and makers, now professionals.


Convenient mounting holes

You may hook the laser anyhow you want.
All mounting holes allow you to make any custom mount or holder.


A smart temperature controller (TEC-Peltier cooling system)


High-quality aluminum allows for better thermal conductivity

High heat distribution allows keeping the diode in a good temperature range.


High-quality optical pack

Allows doing accurate laser cutting and laser engraving on a different range from a laser to a surface. G2 laser lens allows having the smallest laser beam spot of 63*130um (microns).


Bigger focusing ring &  pre-set focus

A bigger focusing ring allows adjusting laser focus in an easy manner.
Pre-set focus allows focussing the laser on the range: 70-75 mm from the aluminum housing to a surface.


Laser box ver. 2.0 for 10 watt PLUS PRO laser module – wiring and switches.

An advanced metal laser box with a Mo2 PCB inside equipped with all necessary tools.
Measuring an incoming voltage, diode voltage, and current, protective lock key.



Ultra-reliable and tested Japanese laser diodes by NICHIA

No fake and low-quality Chinese laser diodes that degrade very quickly.


Every laser is been tested personally on our laser testing stand.

We test every single laser module before shipment. Usually, the laser is working for 48-72 hours before the shipment.


Compatible laser brackets. Easy installation process.

Compatible mounts allow hooking the laser to any 3D printer / CNC machine or XY plotter. That allows reducing installation time to 5-10 minutes.


You get all you need to get started.

We take care of your time and we already thought about all you need to get started so you get all in the box.


Ultimate tech support & 30 days of money back option.

If you did not like our product simply send it back and we will issue a full refund.



Get all you need to get started with our 10 watt PLUS LASER:

· 10 watt PLUS PRO Laser module
· Laser box ver. 2.0
· A pair of a protective laser goggle
· Regular 3 element lens
· Bigger focusing rings x 3PCS
· Laser connectors
· 2 x 12V 8A AC DC (PSU) power supply
· Air compressor.
· Air nozzle ver 1.0
· Black anodized focusing plate.
· DC/DC for TEC cooling (extra temperature control) Add useful accessories to get the best laser cutting and laser engraving resultLens and optics >>>  https://www.endurance-lasers.com/collections/lens-and-optics Laser mounts >>> https://www.endurance-lasers.com/collections/all-mounts Air nozzle >>> https://www.endurance-lasers.com/collections/air-nozzle  


Technical Data for an Endurance Laser box ver. 2.0

Supply voltage12 VDC+-10%
Minimum Current Power Supply (For laser diodes up to 10W)5 A+-10%
Rated Output Current (For laser diodes up to 10W)5 А
Max Output Current (Power supply current must be at least 10A)8 А
Laser diode voltage max5.5V
Laser diode voltage min2V
Laser diode current1A – 6A
Laser diode current max8A*
Max. PWM  Frequency50 KHz
Min. PWM Frequency90 Hz
(You need to know if you connect to a 3D printer controller)
Maximum PWM duty cycle99,90%
(PWM frequency over 90Hz)
PWM Input Voltage (Left, Blue wire)3V – 12V
PWM Input Voltage (Right, black wire)3V – 24V
Rise Time300 nS
(In relation to the input pulse of the PWM)
Analog Input Voltage0V – 10V
PWM Duty Cycle Based on Analog Input Voltage0% – 99,9%
PWM frequency when working with analog input500 HZ
Laser focus modePWM Duty 0,1%
Protection of the output voltage of the laser diode min4.5V
Protection of the output voltage of the laser diode max5.5V
Delay range before starting the laser:0-1.5 sec (adjustable)



Getting started with 10 watt PLUS PRO LASER MODULE


Laser review by Datulab.Tech (full version)


Additional information

Weight03628.73896 kg


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