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15 watt (15000 mw) DUOS DIY real rated power output laser module. A DIY version – light and compatible with all frames.


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Improve your 3D printer / CNC gantry/engraving/cutting machine with a 15-watt (15 000 mw) real laser power.

Our customers are happy with our 15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head DIY version

“1st Cut Tests (with air assist) of dense 1/8” Balsa Using Duos 15 Watt DIY Kit. Almost through cut with 1 pass at 90% power with FR of 15 ipm. Complete Through cut with 2 passes at 70% power with FR of 15 ipm.
Would have taken 15 passes with JTech 3.8 watt laser (and air assist).
I’m extremely happy with the power increase and laser dot size. Appears to be just as tight as my single 3.8 watt JTech Photonics laser.

Will cut kit plane as next test.”  by Reginald Jones 


The installation process of  15 watt DIY DUOS Endurance blue 445nm laser on Ortur LM2 & CNC 3018 SainSmart frames

15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head metal engraving – a live video lesson


Laser fish thread (line) cutting with 15000 mw (15 watt) blue 445nm diode laser


Aligning 2 beams together for 15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head. Testing laser power output.

DIY “DUOS” laser beam system. 15 watts (15 000 mW) of real optical laser power. Laser head for your 3D printer / CNC machine.15 watt (15 000 mw) blue DIY DOUS laser is installed on Sain Smart (Genmitsu) CNC 3018 frame.

Easy mounting. Easy wiring (5-24V TTL). Pre-set focus!

 Combined laser beam

Plywood & MDF cutting with an Endurance 15 watts “Duos” laser – real video footage.


3.2 mm (3/16”) MDF cutting with an Endurance 15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head DIY

(High density MDF 3.2mm (1/8”); density 0.88 g/ cm^3, speed 400 mm / min, 10 passes)


6 mm plywood cutting with the Endurance 15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head DIY.

(6 mm thickness (1/4”) plywood (5 layers); density 0.65 g/ cm^3, speed 400 mm / min , 8 passes)


A 15 watt DIY (15000 mw real power output) unit is installed on an Endurance custom frame


Get all you need to get started with an Endurance 15 watt (15000 mw) 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” laser head DIY version.

1 x 15 watt DIY “Duos” laser head. 1 x a small & a big laser boxes (with Mo1 PCB). 1 x PSU (12V 8A AC/DC). Protective goggles. Focusing plate. Protective gloves. Stickers. Extra prism.



Engrave on stainless steel, acrylic, ceramics as a professional with 15 watt (15000 mw) real power 445 nm blue diode “DUOS” DIY  laser head!





First Laser diode laser beam spot 180×17 um (focal depth is 2 mm). 160-170 kW / cm^3
Second laser diode laser beam spot: 21×350 um  (focal depth is 3.75 mm)  100-100 kW / cm^3 


Comparing 15 watt (15000 mw) vs. 10 watt (10000 mw) diode laser a live demo contest.

2 beams are always better for cutting than one!


Power: 100% Speed cutting: 500 mm / min Air assist: 60 Litres per min (Hailea air compressor)

Type of materialRepeats
NameThicknessDensity15 watt (15000 mW) “Duos” laser system10 watt (10000 mW)
Mm | inchg / cm^3MinMaxMinMax
Cedar plywood3.5 | 1/7’’0.392234
Moroccan plywood (3 ply)2.5 | 1/10’’0.482234
Birch plywood (3 ply)3.5 | 1/7’’0.74568
Marine Plywood (3-ply)1 |1/25’’0.8545
MDF3 | 1/8’’0.87910


Technical information

Version 15 watt DIY
Laser TypeDiode laser
Diode typeNUBM44 / NUBM47
Laser Optical Peak Power Output (Impulse)15000mW ± 10%
Laser Optical Average Power Output (CW)12000mW ± 15%
Focal Range40 mm
Laser Wavelength445 nm
Laser wavelength tolerance +- 2 nm
Lens Type2 x 3 element lens (G2+ 3 element can be made upon request)
Operation TimeTested 48-72 hours continuous
Heatup time1 s
Voltage9-18V DC
Total current consumption8A (12V)
MountM4 holes on the back
Laser beam spot 120-125 uM (microns)
Power adjustmentEndurance Mo1 PCB
Laser Dimensions (W x L x H) mm
Laser Weight
Laser DriverExternal laser control box (small + big)
Lifetime10 000 hours
MaintenanceKeep the prism (PBS) clean. Clean with ethanol.
Air assistcan be added upon request
The critical temperature for operating the laser45-50C
Idle temperature15-25C



Additional information

Weight0226.796185 kg


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