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Airtight box (sealed chamber) for laser cutting / engraving and other chemical experiments.


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An Endurance airtight box / sealed chamber / a laser enclosure.

Endurance lasers have built a sealed chamber for different tests and experiments. 
It is made out of transparent acrylic but can be made out of colored acrylic/plexiglass. 


Make different experiments inside the chamber including with active chemical acids. 

Product description:

Size: 60x60x60 cm (2 x 2′) (Customizable)
Weight: 7-10 Kg.

This enclosure cannot be operated with high or low pressure. The pressure should be equalized (the same as outside.)

If you need something special – you can ask us on Livechat.


An effective laser cutting inside the chamber.


Protective box (sealed chamber) components:2x  taps for pumping in and pumping out different gases,pressure gauge,1x pair of protective gloves for work inside,2x USB canals,1x 110/220V power plug.




Add your engraving machine (CNC 3018 Genmitsu) inside the box


Cutting a gasket sheet inside the chamber

Get all you need in one single unit:A box for work with inert gas;A glove box with a vacuum environment;A sterile glove boxes;A portable box of compact size;Vacuum desiccators.


You may use our box in 3 different waysFume extraction



Clean box for experiments


Сhecking the cleanliness inside the chamber

Work with inert gases such as argon, carbon dioxide, nitrogen.



Special chemical gloves are added so you can grab, rotate things inside the box

2 cranes for injection and extraction gas.


The key feature of an endurance sealed box (vacuum chamber):

An airtight box for laser tests and experiments.
Allows for different gases to be pumped inside, like Nitrogen, Argon, Co2, Oxygen (be careful while working with oxygen and other active gases)


Where and why do you need it?

With this airtight box, all fumes will be contained within the box or can be removed outside. This allows you to run the laser indoors without any odors or fear of breathing in toxic gasses. Different gases can be introduced into the box like Argon, Co2, Oxygen, as well as other gasses used for laser cutting or engraving.


Co2 gas will allow you to do AMAZINGLY clean cutting edges on wood including plywood.

Cutting metal with an Endurance 10 watt DPSS laser you can use a higher concentration of oxygen in the box.

Do PCB etching inside this chamber without the risk of breathing any harmful gasses.
Now absolutely true non-hazard cutting and engraving of all materials.
Etching, Welding, and Soldering are all possible with this Safe and efficient and chamber. 

Allows to pump different gases inside like Nitrogen, Argon, Co2, Oxygen (be careful while working with oxygen)

The box is not supposed to operate with high or low pressure. The pressure should be the same as outside.


The lead time is 2 – 4 weeks.

Any type of customized upon request.

If you want a box or a custom design let me know via email: [email protected]

or let’s talk in LiveChat.


All options are available



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