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An Endurance DIY Co2 laser kit for upgrading your CNC / 3D Printer / engraving machine.


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Upgrade your existing Ortur, Atomstack, Neje, CNCC Laseraxe, Makeblock, Sainsmart (Genmitsu) frame with a Co2 laser kit. A Co2 upgrade package for your CNC / 3D printer or engraving machine.

Laser engraving on glass
Beer mug (glass) laser engraved / etched / marked Make your DIY RC models with a 40 watt Co2 laser

Photoengraving on painted  (black) glass

Photoengraving on transparent acrylic (Michael Douglas)

Do it yourself (plywood watch)


DIY chess (3 mm transparent acrylic) – fully laser cut with 40 watt laser upgrade kit.


6 mm (1/5”) transparent acrylic (plexiglass) dog’s tag

Fully compatible and tested with : Eleksmaker, Ortur, CNCC Laseraxe, WainLux, Neje, SainSmart (Genmitsu), Acan and other GRBL compatible frames.


To upgrade any 3D printer / CNC frame/engraving machine with a Co2 tube you need to follow a few simple procedures.You need to get all Co2 components ready.You need to setup a tube (fix it tightly).Add mirrors.Install the focusing lens into the nozzle.Connect all electronics to the GRBL board and a power supply.Align mirrors to make sure that the laser beam goes through the focusing lens.Add an air compressor.Add water chiller


What Endurance lasers provide in the package:Mounts and brackets for:MirrorsCo2 TubeA focusing lens with an air nozzleMirrors, focusing lensMachined aluminum frame for an enclosure (depending on your machine size)Electronics box.Including high-voltage power supplyConverter for GRBL board into compatible with Co2 tubeShort pulses board for the alignment processA detailed guide and full tech support about installation and wiring


If you have more questions – ask in our LiveChat and we will help you!


Upgrade your frame with 40 watt Co2 tube. Convert your frame into Co2 laser cutter/engraver.

What do we need to make the first launch of the machine:

Co2 tube High voltage power supply Water pump Water tubes mA ammeter Switch Potentiometer Mirrors Focusing lens Co2 nozzle Thermometer Some wires and aluminum sheets.


What else do you need:

A Co2 tube (depending on what laser power do you want to get) [necessary]. Air compressor (0.05-0.1MPA with 70-200 L / min capacity) [optional]. Acrylic / plexiglass plates to cover the frame [necessary]. Fume extractor [optional]. A water chiller [necessary]


Laser components for 40/80 watt kit package.

40 watt80 watt
Co2 40 watt tubeCo2 tube EFR F2 80 watt  (6000 hours)
Tube holderTube holder
Power source for 40 wattPower supply 80 watt ES80
Lens 12 mm ZnSeMirror holder 25 mm
Mirror 20mm МоLaser head for mirror 25 mm +  lens 20 mm
Head for 12 + 20 mmMirror 25 mm
Mirror holderLens 20 mm
Water pumpChiller CW-3000
CompressorFume extractor ventilation 550 watt
Stream measurementWires
Fitting for a headFitting for a head

Additional information

Weight05000.0 kg


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