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Tungsten carbide milling and engraving machine 5HY-4030CNC


Submersible water pump for spindle cooling;
Zero / tool touch sensor;
set of collets;
set of keys;
fasteners for workbench;
set of cutters / test;
power cable;
CD with demo software and drivers;
machine manual and translation

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Technologically the most advanced of the desktop CNC milling and engraving machines, the main applications of the machine are: modeling, advertising industry, marking, processing of small stamps, molds, production of art products, precision machining operations in various industries, etc. . using blanks from materials such as: metal and its alloys, metal foil, carbon plates, stone, incl. synthetic, wood and plywood, glass, plastic and its derivatives: acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, etc. Differs in compactness, simplicity and wide applicability. It is universal in application: in small-scale and single-piece production, in design workshops and advertising studios, design offices and for amateurs at home. At the same time, it has high-quality cutting, long service life and minimal maintenance.
Structurally: it is based on the classic console scheme of drilling and milling with a heavy base and movable axes of the XY table and spindle Z. The rigidity of the machine, with its compact dimensions, is provided both structurally, and the selection of the calculated thicknesses and weights of the bearing parts of the machine. The design uses load-bearing steel parts, special complex profiles made of aluminum alloys with high strength. Round chrome-plated guides are not affected during the operation of the machine, provide the necessary accuracy. Drives along the axes are carried out through double ballscrews by stepper motors.
The machine is supplied with a module installed on the main desktop with additional rotary axes AB. The machine fully supports the operation of all 5 axes simultaneously. Drives of additional axles are carried out through reduction gears. Optionally, a system for supplying coolant to the cutting zone is installed on the machine.
The water-cooled machine spindle is equipped with a collet mount of the ER standard. It comes with a tool touch sensor, collets and a submersible water pump. The spindle speed is controlled through the frequency converter panel built into the machine body. All electrical equipment is hidden in a ventilated niche on the back of the rack, there are also plugs for connecting external axes, limit switches, a parallel port for connecting the machine to a computer. A flip-down digital display panel is fixed on the console with a display of processing parameters and a settings menu.
The machine is equipped with a control system: an emergency shutdown button, limit switches, an overload protection system, a digital display with error indications, which can be adjusted and adjusted by hand push-button control panel. With this remote control, you can also perform simple, without programming, processing in manual mode. Communication and control of the machine is carried out by a computer in the Mach3 environment. The machine is powered from a household single-phase network 220V/50Hz. The machine comes with everything you need to get started. Basic equipment: Submersible water pump for spindle cooling, a set of collets, a set of keys, fasteners for a desktop, a set of milling cutters, a power cable, a CD with a demo version of software and drivers, instructions and its translation.



Working area of the main XYZ axes, mm


Diameters of guides along the XYZ axes, mm20/20/16

Axis drive type

stepper motors

XYZ stepper force, N/m2,2
Forces of stepper motors along the AB axes, N/m1.5
Gear number for AB axes1:6

Load weight for XY desktop, kg

< 50

Workpiece weight with AB axis module installed, kg< 15
Repetition accuracy, mm0 ,01
Positioning accuracy, mm 0.02

Speed for XYZ axes, m/min

< 4

AB axis speed, rpm< 180
Spindle motor power, kW / cooling1.5 / water
Spindle speed, rpm24000

Standard collets / shank diameters, mm

ER11 / 3,175: 6.0

Spindle runout, mm< 0.03


USB, hand control

Control code

G-code /*.TAB /*.NC /*.NCC

Program Control / Operating EnvironmentMach3, EMC2 / Win 10 Connection, V/Hz220/50 Overall dimensions, mm720x700x610 Packed dimensions, m0.9×0.8.0x0.7

Net/gross weight, kg

70 / 95


Submersible water pump for spindle cooling;
Zero / tool touch sensor;
set of collets;
set of keys;
fasteners for workbench;
set of cutters / test;
power cable;
CD with demo software and drivers;
machine manual and translation

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