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Z100 power supply

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The Z series CO2 laser power supplies are the next generation of power supplies for laser cutting and engraving machines. This product can be combined with CO2 lasers from most domestic and foreign manufacturers. The unique liquid crystal display function gives users a more intuitive experience, more convenient operation of the machine, and more accurate control of the malfunctions. , display the working status of the power supply. Cascading can simultaneously control up to 32 power supplies. This simplifies maintenance, helps locate laser system failure and understand the cause of the failure.
The multi-functional LCD display (optional) can display laser power information from two sets at the same time, or also display each in sequence, automatically switching the screen, which is convenient for multi-head laser machine. At the same time, a display can be linked to display control board information.
More versatile: active PFC function, AC90-250V wide input voltage range, input voltage compliance control. Improved current control: more stable discharge, better compatibility and greater compatibility with most lasers on the market.
High security: open circuit protection: high voltage open circuit or unconnected power supply automatic protection, high voltage fire prevention, improved safety and reliability of the entire machine. Comes with high voltage discharge function, no residual high voltage after disconnection, the case is made of special materials to better dissipate heat and better reflect the performance of this industrial equipment.
All products pass ISO9001 and CE quality certification
Factory testing for aging. Each power supply undergoes pre-sales aging testing at 65°C under full load conditions for 10 hours and cycled on/off 300 times within 7 seconds



Rated power of the laser tube, W100 /you can also use ordinary laser tubes with a power of 80-80W/
Input voltage220/110V
AC supply frequency47-440 Hz
Maximum input current 6 A
Maximum input power650 W
Leakage current≤0.7mA (AC220V) ≤0.4mA (AC110V)
Maximum output voltageDC 45 kV
Maximum day off currentDC 32 mA
Responsiveness/performanceless than 1ms
Protectionmomentary disconnection (when there is a good ground)
Voltage withstand

in-out, in-case: AC1500V 1min ≤10mA
(cathode output connected to case)

Coolingforced, air (integrated fan) Operating temperature, deg-10 ℃~ +40 ℃ Relative humidityup to 90% (non-condensing) Time Between Failures (MTBF)at least 10000 hours

Dimensions LxWxH

278 * 144* 104mm


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